Emotography Week 8



The workmanship in these cloisters amazes me and leaves me in awe of those who erected them. The times did not provide all the modern machinery available today.
I love the patterns; both those in the brickwork and its design, and especially those that the sun makes as it shines through the archways.



Evening came,
and with gentle strokes
laid colour on the valley.
Smooth grey
over the hills,
Purple swirls
across the mountain,
Fluff of off-white
for the clouds.
While across the flats
of emerald,
she painted black fingers,
reaching out
to cover the rays
of the setting sun.
Quietly she brushed
runs of silver,
dotted with gold,
onto the ripples
of the river.
On every leaf
that faced the west,
she carefully drew
burnished brilliance,
till they danced
as diamonds.
Evening came…
and my heart knew morning!

last rays 2Last rays


You’ve gotta have rain to make a rainbow,
Gotta have a bit of sunshine too.
When the two come together
In this kind of weather,
It can make a rainbow true.

You’ve gotta have sun to make a rainbow,
Gotta have a bit of rain too.
And if the two come together,
You’ll find this kind of weather
Will bring that rainbow hue.

Those days

When things just go astray,
And ennui won’t go away,
When I don’t want to do
Chores that are in view.
When the world is wrong side-up,
And there’s only half in the cup,
When I lose the day’s sweet hours,
And my natural cheery powers.
When even a talk with you,
Doesn’t colour all the blue,
That’s sitting in my mind.
Then the only thing I find,
Is to do for someone else,
What I’m longing for myself.
Just a thoughtful tiny deed
That can fill the void of need.
If I do it for another,
Somehow it starts to smother,
Whatever then is ailing me.
And I am able to be free.
Of all the wretched ennui
That oft would trouble you and I.
This recipe I recommend,
To do you lots of good my friend.
For though its said I’m old and frail
I could tell you many a tale,
Of life’s sometimes harder ways
Back in my faraway younger days,
When there wasn’t time to let the SAD
Take away the heartfelt glad.
But I’ll just say I understand,
That frost and fog get out of hand,
And take the chance to undermine
The days when the sun forgets to shine!