Emotography Week 45


I was surprised to find these interesting patterns in the paling fence in my backyard.


If I “open my eyes”,

Perhaps I will see

The things of beauty

that lie around me.

“Normal” and “everyday”

Though they appear

I may be happily surprised

If I take myself near.


Time Change

In days of yore
That have gone before,
When the kids and friends were come.
There was lots of noise
From girls and boys,
Within our modest home.
So every day
That came my way
When everyone was out,
I counted blest!
Though I loved it best
When they were all about.
But then came years
That brought the tears
When hubby left this earth.
And children found
A newer ground
In their own family’s birth.
So now the pattern of my days
Has changed in many, many ways,
And quiet hours oft I see.
Thus I count the times as best
And feel that I am very blest
When my family come to visit me.