River Dream

Rushing along,
the water sprays
over boulders
in glorious abandon.
On Plenty Road 2

Running lightly,
the stream sings
of pebbles
glistening beneath.
Russell river at Lonnavale 1 (1)

Lying still,
the quiet pools
hold reflections
of precious beauty.

But as the ocean
awaits the stream;
our happiness
waits on our dream.
Down South trip (15)


A Piece of Memory

Old china piece

A fragment of broken china
unearthed from the past;
once treasured by my mother
but broken at the last.

Its a tenuous connection
to a home no longer there,
where love and laughter reigned
amidst the daily work and care.

But things do not connect me
to a place and people gone;
its the memories that I carry
that warm my heart, each day along.

Sky Shop

The sky is my dream shop:
Where day by day
I purchase the colours
And the shapes
Of all the hopes and wishes
That the wind and air create
Through their movement
And timing.
Morning, evening,
Daytime and night,
Change and renewal,
Loss and finding,
Are all on display.

And my coinage
Is only to look.

Sky 122

Season Turning

Season turning

The fields have been mowed, the hay is now rolled,

Autumn has dropped all her glorious gold.

Summer just a memory that might came again.

Now Winter approaches with frost, snow and rain.

But with fields that are mowed and hay that is rolled,

With a fire that burns bright to master the cold,

We’ll wait through the Winter; till the trees start to sing,

And the melody tells us we’ve moved into Spring.



With apologies to Claudette, whose poem [excuse me; lullaby!}re sleep brought to mind a couple or six I wrote a decade or three ago.  So here they are:
Merrin may remember the circumstances that brought forth the first two.

Unless the matter’s urgent
Never ring me after nine!
Perhaps you haven’t been asleep,
But I am very, very deep, in mine!

At nine-fifty you woke me;
To ask my opinion
On feeding wombats.

At eleven-fifty I felt like calling;
To ask your advice
On insomnia!

Where are you?
When I have longed
for you these hours,
why have you eluded me?
My need is real;
Yet you
have denied me
the balm
of your presence!
I will court you
in earnest
if you will but finally
accede to my pleas!
Your pitiless answer
echoes and re-echoes
through my
dreamless mind;
in rolls
of unrelieved
My body pleads, “Sleep!”
My mind shrieks, “Think!”
My heart wails, “Weep!”
My spirit whispers, “Pray!”
Hush my pet, and let me sleep!
Don’t you know it’s time to keep
Eyes closed tight in sweet repose,
With lashes soft on cheeks of rose?
Shall I rock you one more time
Until you feel that you are mine,
And know that as the stars above
So shines my heart, for you, with love?
Softly now you drift away
To dream yourself to another day,
I now lay me down my care,
And in gratitude, your slumber share.
{PS Sorry for the overload folks! But that ought to have helped the deprived to be “knocked out” or “lulled off” -maybe with boredom- by now! Y.A..AW..N..ZZZZZ


Colour Change

The wind has come a-chuckling
Through the autumn trees.
The leaves are all a-tremble
For fear of any breeze.

Just a tiny puff of air
Can cause them each to fall,
And in a little while
None will be left at all.

Thus autumns’ gracious colour
Will lie at each trees’ feet,
As branches brown then wait
Winters’ icy grip to greet.