The Unslayed Dragon

There is an angry dragon named FIRE,
who is desecrating our valley,
threatening our homes, causing disruption to our everyday living.

FIRE is undisciplined, recognising no boundaries,
having no concept of mercy,
selfishly intent on fuelling and refuelling its’ own anger
by the consumption of that within its’ path.

FIRE hisses and spits at the efforts of mortals who seek to control it,
as it sneeringly flings its’ burning embers past them,
in its’ determination to dominate.

FIRE breathes out blinding smoke and fills the air with cloying ash,
roaring out its’ defiance with searing heat
as it continues to satisfy its’ voracious appetite
in consuming our valley, our homes and our way of life.

FIRE is a dragon whose slaying we work for, long for, pray for, and wait for.



I’ve been talking to you
but it’s a tricky situation:
Since we’ve not been introduced
should we have a conversation?
You are so very beautiful
I think it rather shame
that thus far as I’ve talked with you
it’s been without your name.
I’ve discreetly asked some people
to tell me who you are;
their opinions seem to differ,
and range wide and far!
I think perhaps I need
to just invent a name,
because whatever you are called
you’ll still look just the same.
Miss Jaybee

Just a Thought

When we are young.
Life beckons to me, to you,
“Come now and follow,
There are wondrous things to see and do!”

When we are older
Death beckons as he calls our name,
We only need to remember
The words of invitation are exactly the same!

Holiday Time

I’m all up in the air,
At least I soon will be,
For I’m packing up my suitcase
To go on holiday,you see.
But before I can get started
That case I have to pack:
Sometimes I put something in
I take it out, then I put it back.
It’s very hard deciding
Just what I should take!
(As there’s only me to think of
It should be a “piece of cake”.)
We’ll be starting in warm weather,
So I don’t need much for that:
Swim togs and a towel of course,
Sunscreen and a hat.
But then they say we’re going
Where the weather will be cold.
And all my winter woollies
Are looking rather old.
My favourite bright red jumper
Is unraveling at the sleeve,
But if I have to leave it home
I know that I will grieve.
My pants are rather thin
So underneath I’ll wear some tights,
And if it gets real freezy
I can wear them too, at nights.
But I have to stop this dithering
And decide just what to pack.
And when I put it in the case
I mustn’t take it back!
I’ve only got two weeks
To decide all this you know,
But if I don’t get to it
I simply cannot go!
I’ll miss beaches, mountains, lakes,
Maybe concerts and ballet!
Oh, I know just what I need:
I’ll hire an “un-dithering” valet!

Yay! Yay!Yay!
Here I come holiday!

To train a Toilet

I went down to the hardware store to get a new toilet seat,
“Go home and measure the distance between the screw holes” they said. So I did. Looked up toilet seats on Internet, none with the same name as mine.
Back down with measurements,
“Oh a bit out there, might be alright, might not. Think it will be. Do you want to take it” Yes, I did take it.
Home and unwrapped it, “What’s that piece, aah its broken off from where it should be!”
Back down again, “Sorry about that, here’s a new one, I’ll check it first to make sure its okay. There its all right”. Thank you!
Home, and had a challenging time figuring a couple of things out, which washer went on first, which way did the screw fit into the hole, why didn’t the other one fit in as easily?
How does that last bit go on?
That’s the only way I can fit it, leave it like that till someone smarter comes.
Well done; the soft close works and everything fits neatly, even if that little cover needs another inspection from someone else.
The toilet is now trained!

Gentle morning

It’s a misty moisty morning
And the air is crisp and cool.
Looking out my window
I see children off to school.
Some are wearing raincoats,
Some don’t seem to care,
As the softly drops are nestling
Like jewels on their hair.
Silently I wish them
Well, along their way;
And hope the storms they meet in life
Are as gentle as today.