Evening came,
and with gentle strokes
laid colour on the valley.
Smooth grey
over the hills,
Purple swirls
across the mountain,
Fluff of off-white
for the clouds.
While across the flats
of emerald,
she painted black fingers,
reaching out
to cover the rays
of the setting sun.
Quietly she brushed
runs of silver,
dotted with gold,
onto the ripples
of the river.
On every leaf
that faced the west,
she carefully drew
burnished brilliance,
till they danced
as diamonds.
Evening came…
and my heart knew morning!

last rays 2Last rays

Joy of this day

Let’s live joyously!
Disregarding our fear
of the hovering spectre
of war and want that’s near.

Let’s live joyously!
Because we can share
to alleviate others’ needs
and show them that we care.

Let’s live joyously!
Loving while we may,
with a heart of cheerful hope,
for we only have today.

Morning walk

Morning Walk
Little girl,
running through the morning,
pony tail swinging,
as your legs stretched out.
Joy in your step,
smile on your face,
strength in your being.
You made my walk
a memorable occasion;
because I felt your delight
in the early morning,
and your joy in life
as you ran.
Now as night falls around me,
I still feel
in and early morning mood,
because you ran
so blithely!
Enid F Woolley©