In the past two days I have received sponsorship from unknown people for the  Leukaemia Foundation Shave that I have just participated in.

It doesn’t take much brain work to know that my dear daughter Claudette is behind this and that this is the “surprise” that I was forbidden to read about on her blog.

I am very grateful to her for whatever scheme she has concocted among her peer group bloggers, and I would like her to pass my gratitude on to Brian and Ian for their generosity. I truly appreciate it! When strangers offer support it’s a big lift of heart to me.

Many people have helped me in this fund raising effort and everyone has my thanks for what they have done. “One can do a little, but many ones can do much”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!




Green hairThe days of white and grey are gone,
for GREENING now has come along.
And hair that once went with my face
now looks rather out of place!
It won’t last long, I know that.
And I shall not cover it with a hat.
For its to show that you helped me
to look as green as green can be,
because together we reached a goal
that might make someone’s life more whole.
So I feel gratitude to you
for making my dream of eight thousand come true.

Gratitude for You

Here we are at the last date in May,
My “gratitude blog” has had its say,
On just about every single day,
And been written in my own simple way.

So next month it may not be every day;
But when some little thought seems to say,
“Remember to write this on your blog today,”
Then I’ll write it in my own simple way.

Thanks to those who took the time
To read and comment on some rhyme!
Just know how very glad that I’m
For your thoughts at any time!

{Sorry, that’s pretty rough, but remember I’m not feeling the best just now and I wanted to finish the “ Gratitude days” at the end of the month.}

The Memory Box

My children honoured my birthday by giving me a Memory Box.
The outside is covered with photographs of yesteryear in the old black and white format. They have been decorated with columns of roses intersecting the arrangement of the photos across the top of the box. It looks lovely!

But inside is quite as interesting: it is filled with scrolls, which hold memories that my family and friends have contributed to the box. Each scroll is tied with a ribbon or other adornment to keep it wrapped. These just slide off so that the scrolls can be read and replaced easily.
I spent a delighted hour or so undoing and reading the heart-warming thoughts and memories that had been written on them.
Some brought laughter, some a few tears, both of which show the emotions that those kind words written to me caused with the memories they brought back to me.
If my family had offered me a new car or the Memory Box I would have chosen the latter, money cannot buy such a gift!
My gratitude today goes to those who freely gave me part of their memories in which I played a role, and to those daughters who organised the Memory Box..

Top of box


Inside box

Birthday Gratitude

Here I am at eighty,
Looking down the years,
Remembering the laughter,
And thinking of the tears
That have woven all the fabric
From which my life is made.
Sometimes weaved in sunshine
And other times in shade.
But the total of a lifetime
Is shown in many ways,
Not just darkened night-times
Nor happy smiling days.
But in acts accumulated
From deeds in kindness done,
As we interact together,
In sadness, and in fun.
I don’t know how much longer
I have to spend on earth,
But I am very grateful
For the eighty years since birth!


Today my gratitude is about people who share their recipes. I have been told of cooks who will give a recipe away with an ingredient missing so that the end result is not quite the same as theirs was! I am always happy to share because I take it as a compliment that someone liked what I made enough to want to replicate it in their kitchen. My granddaughter made a Tuscan Hazelnut Tart when I went to her home for dinner. It was delicious! This photo shows my attempt made for lunch today. I am hoping it will be as yummy as hers was!

Tuscan tart

Speech Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the power of speech; for technology that enables our speech to be translated across the whole surface of the world if we so wish.

I think of the limitations of communication when I was young and living in a fairly isolated country village. But I want to write about that another time because my bed is calling me tonight and I am about to answer it! And that’s another thing I am very grateful for; my bed!

Drab quiet, grey,
Brilliant emerald green,
Splendid plummy purple,
Vibrant orange sheen.
Useful, placid brown,
Shouting, fiery red.
Living colours in my eyes;
Waiting words inside my head.