Camera Catch 4

Site has changed since I last put some pics on. Why does it always do that when I don’t visit for awhile? Then I lose track of what to do!
Here I can’t make my pics the size I want them to be, whereas I could easily change their size in the “old” set up! That’s the word “old”, must mean I’m too much of that to catch on when these changes come round. Ah well, nothing I can do about that!

Evening Thoughts

Sometimes I am just being me
But life won’t really let me be.
How is it that some folk don’t see
That individuality is the key?
If we were all just like you
With curly hair and eyes of blue,
And doing all the things you do
We’d never know who was who!
So can we please now agree
That you’ll be you, and I’ll be me,
In all we think and say and do,
So that we’ll know who is who?