Changing seasons

{Because I hadn’t been well for a few days I almost missed the changing of the seasons here in the southern part of our beautiful little island of Tasmania. I was reminded of a poem I wrote some years ago about this, and which I still like.}

Lady in Waiting.
Lady Summer rose from sleep, and shook her golden tresses,
to claim the day before her, as she donned her flowery dresses.
But suddenly her hand was stayed, her eyes quite thoughtful grew,
for she heard a softened rustling, that was old, but somehow new.
She laid aside her gowns, then to the window sped,
and I am sure I heard her sigh,as I watched her droop her head.
I too peeped out the window, and there to my surprise,
I saw a maid whose laughing face, held merry, clear, brown eyes.
She swirled her skirts of many colours, as she spun in joyful dance,
And Lady Summer looked upon her, as one in dreadful trance.
Till quietly the dancer slowed, and to the window neared;
I wondered then just what it was that Golden Summer feared.
But Oh! I saw the maid’s brown hand commandingly extended
And realised quite startlingly, that Lady Summer’s reign had ended.
She curtsied low, then turned away, as she shut the window tight
The room was darkened suddenly, as if the day was night.
I stumbled out to seek the morn, that I knew had just begun;
I sought the warmth of yesterday but found no Summer’s sun.
Though coloured leaves came floating on a gentle, fragrant breeze,
and everywhere the brown-gold day, brought scenes just meant to please.
I drank deep of the mellow air, then felt the soft caress
of silken panels touching me, in the maiden’s coloured dress.
She hugged me quickly to her, I returned her sweet embrace;
for suddenly I recognised Dame Autumn’s gracious face.


Dianthus and seaside daisy

 Lady Summer


Dame Autumn



Emotography Week 40



We recently had floods spilling water from all the smaller streams in our area,whilst the big river maintained it’s usual level.

I  took a walk to see where the water had inundated the places I often take my daily walk through, and I was fortunate enough to be there at the moment of this rescue of their horse from a flooded paddock, by this woman and her daughter.

The mail box in the photo is at the edge of the usual roadway!

I really liked the photo and the beaming smile I got from the woman rescuer when I aimed the camera in her direction.

She said the horse wasn’t particularly keen to go into the water, but I noted that once in it the animal didn’t falter  in following his rescuer’s lead.

leaves and history


When I pass a small park area near our local shopping centre I m grateful to be able to pause and read this stone.

Today when I drive to our capital city from the Huon Valley I go on a modern, smooth, highway, which has double lanes almost all the way.

Before this highway was constructed the Huon Highway was a single-lane-each-way road.Imagine trucks loaded with apples, heading for the wharves to unload their cargo into waiting ships. They just had to follow each other, sometimes stretching for miles along the road, because they  had no opportunity to pass each other round the frequent and often sharp corners. Cars had to become part of the queue for the same reason.This of course, was the then modern road, and only there because of the perseverance of those men whose names are on this stone.

The pathway they opened took may years to become a highway, and then many more years to become what it is today. Now our population has expanded and the entry into the city is becoming rather a problem, especially in peak hours. So perhaps in time we will see another modern roadway emerge from our present one. But for now I am grateful for what we have and for those who had the courage in its beginning.


Camera Catch