Evening came,
and with gentle strokes
laid colour on the valley.
Smooth grey
over the hills,
Purple swirls
across the mountain,
Fluff of off-white
for the clouds.
While across the flats
of emerald,
she painted black fingers,
reaching out
to cover the rays
of the setting sun.
Quietly she brushed
runs of silver,
dotted with gold,
onto the ripples
of the river.
On every leaf
that faced the west,
she carefully drew
burnished brilliance,
till they danced
as diamonds.
Evening came…
and my heart knew morning!

last rays 2Last rays



Some time ago I tried to climb
This lovely mountain peak.
But I forgot just how the years
Can race and start to sneak
Up on my unsuspecting bod,
And without a warning clue
They hit me right between the eyes,
And my legs all turned to goo.
I staggered back down the track,
A total liability,
To those two good men
Who had accompanied me.
I made it to the car,
We traveled further down.
And I was getting pleased
To see the little town.
They stopped to let me rest,
Which turned out rather bad.
Because I got rid of
All the strength I had.
I lay there on the grass,
A pitiful, sad sight.
They thought they wouldn’t get me home
Before the fall of night.
So they took me to the doctor
Who waved a needle about,
And after recovery and rest,
They shooed me out.
But Oh, what ignominy!
As I, the climber, was leaving there,
Pushed by my kind grandson
In a wheelchair!
Enid F Woolley©