Those days

When things just go astray,
And ennui won’t go away,
When I don’t want to do
Chores that are in view.
When the world is wrong side-up,
And there’s only half in the cup,
When I lose the day’s sweet hours,
And my natural cheery powers.
When even a talk with you,
Doesn’t colour all the blue,
That’s sitting in my mind.
Then the only thing I find,
Is to do for someone else,
What I’m longing for myself.
Just a thoughtful tiny deed
That can fill the void of need.
If I do it for another,
Somehow it starts to smother,
Whatever then is ailing me.
And I am able to be free.
Of all the wretched ennui
That oft would trouble you and I.
This recipe I recommend,
To do you lots of good my friend.
For though its said I’m old and frail
I could tell you many a tale,
Of life’s sometimes harder ways
Back in my faraway younger days,
When there wasn’t time to let the SAD
Take away the heartfelt glad.
But I’ll just say I understand,
That frost and fog get out of hand,
And take the chance to undermine
The days when the sun forgets to shine!