Colour Change

The wind has come a-chuckling
Through the autumn trees.
The leaves are all a-tremble
For fear of any breeze.

Just a tiny puff of air
Can cause them each to fall,
And in a little while
None will be left at all.

Thus autumns’ gracious colour
Will lie at each trees’ feet,
As branches brown then wait
Winters’ icy grip to greet.



Sunny Day

My shadow came with me
as I walked out today,
she stayed close beside me
all along the way.
I noticed shadows everywhere:
by bush and shrub and tree,
they all stood quite still;
but mine walked on with me.

Shadow 2

Shadow 1

{this scene had two rubbish bins, a road sign, and some graffiti, can you identify them from the “patch up” I tried?}