Word Definition

My sister said, “you’re antsy!”
I wondered, “What is that?”
So I got out my dictionary,
The one that’s large and fat.

It seemed to weigh a ton
To get down from the shelf.
Of course she’d gone and left me,
So I did it by myself.

I looked in all the A’s
To see if I could find it,
But here wasn’t anything
That in any way defined it!

So now I’m left a’wondering
What it is I am!
Ugh! Does “antsy” mean
I’ll soon be crawling in the sugar and the jam?

Sis said that Google knew
Just what “antsy” was
So I, of course asked Google.
I need to know because
If I now get restless,
Fidgety, or such,
Sugar, jam and honey,
I’ll be sure not to touch!


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