Holiday Time

I’m all up in the air,
At least I soon will be,
For I’m packing up my suitcase
To go on holiday,you see.
But before I can get started
That case I have to pack:
Sometimes I put something in
I take it out, then I put it back.
It’s very hard deciding
Just what I should take!
(As there’s only me to think of
It should be a “piece of cake”.)
We’ll be starting in warm weather,
So I don’t need much for that:
Swim togs and a towel of course,
Sunscreen and a hat.
But then they say we’re going
Where the weather will be cold.
And all my winter woollies
Are looking rather old.
My favourite bright red jumper
Is unraveling at the sleeve,
But if I have to leave it home
I know that I will grieve.
My pants are rather thin
So underneath I’ll wear some tights,
And if it gets real freezy
I can wear them too, at nights.
But I have to stop this dithering
And decide just what to pack.
And when I put it in the case
I mustn’t take it back!
I’ve only got two weeks
To decide all this you know,
But if I don’t get to it
I simply cannot go!
I’ll miss beaches, mountains, lakes,
Maybe concerts and ballet!
Oh, I know just what I need:
I’ll hire an “un-dithering” valet!

Yay! Yay!Yay!
Here I come holiday!

Life Lesson

I began my walk
in bright sunshine.

The golden warmth
spread through my being
like a benediction.

Then something happened
to the weather!

On my journey
homeward I walked
jauntily still.

But soft rain
fell upon my shoulders.
Leaving shivers
like a threat.

Wet day reflections

Golden curve

Rain washed cement,
Causing me quiet reflection
On my stay-at-home day.

The weather makes no apology
For the vagaries it may bring,
Through summer, autumn, winter,
And on to capricious spring.

Life itself asks only acceptance
Of the things we cannot change.
If we endure and enjoy,
It will sweeten our hearts’ range.

So I have baked a batch of biscuits
For someone who is in need.
I know no day is wasted
That brings forth a kindly deed.

Rain washed cement
With surprising curve of gold,
On my stay-at-home day.