Old Year, New Year.

Old Year, New Year.

So it’s time for you to leave Twenty Nineteen,

You’ve used up your days and we have seen

All the things you insisted we share,

As you gave them blithely, without a care.

So we took them and used them as best we could,

All mixed together, the bad and the good;

Till they created our months and made it a year

Filled with happy laughter or silent tear.

Now we’re all hoping for peace, health and plenty

Throughout the world, from you, Twenty Twenty

This Moment

This moment in time,

will never come again.

Perhaps it’s bringing sunshine

or maybe even rain.

But this moment is yours

Just for you to use

in whatever way you wish;

that’s for you to choose.

And whether its bringing sunshine

or showers of damping rain

this moment that you have

will not return again.

Garden Time

The sun was warm,
I went out in it,
To do a garden job
For just a minute.

But time spent in the garden
Has a different measure,
Because each thing touched and seen
Feels like a new-found treasure.

And so I planned and pruned,
Swept up leaves, and dug;
Planted out some cuttings,
And watched a busy lady bug.

The minutes quick-marched into hours
As garden minutes do.
There’s no sense in trying to count them,
When the day is sunny, and the sky is blue.

Then when my back began to ache
I just took a little rest,
But soon got back to work because
Garden hours simply are the best!

{here are some pics from my garden, current and past flowers}

Gold medal 2017Gold Medal

Leila May 1Leila May

Purple and whiteHe loves me, he loves me not

Rhodo Misnamed close upDainty Alice

Just flowers (2)The Children’s Rose


A Day at a Time


Where did they go?
This year full of days?

Off into “Time Used”,
and lost in its maze.

How did I use them
as I wandered along?

With grumbles and wanting;
or a heart full of song?

However I used them
they’re no more to be seen!

The question then is
“How will I use 2018?”


Christine R’s post about time brought the beginning and ending verse of Ralph Hodgson’s poem Time you Old Gypsy Man to my mind.

“Time, You old gypsy man
Will you not stay,
And put up your caravan
just for one day?”

{of course he always answers NO to that question!}