In the past two days I have received sponsorship from unknown people for the  Leukaemia Foundation Shave that I have just participated in.

It doesn’t take much brain work to know that my dear daughter Claudette is behind this and that this is the “surprise” that I was forbidden to read about on her blog.

I am very grateful to her for whatever scheme she has concocted among her peer group bloggers, and I would like her to pass my gratitude on to Brian and Ian for their generosity. I truly appreciate it! When strangers offer support it’s a big lift of heart to me.

Many people have helped me in this fund raising effort and everyone has my thanks for what they have done. “One can do a little, but many ones can do much”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Emptography Week 21


Sometimes the most unexpected things suddenly catch my eye and cause me to wonder at the creations of Nature, both small and large.

This week  for instance, I saw a lovely pattern of shadows of a fence running up a hillside, a beautiful sprinkling of raindrop crystals on the ends of all the branches of a pine tree.

Then there was this piece of mandarin peel, which was in the shape of a leaf and has the interesting interior of a piece of delicate crochet work.


How generous Nature is to bestow such unexpected “discoveries” on us.