This rose is named The Children’s Rose and I totally appreciate its shape and colour.

It has an attractive slight perfume and a generosity of blooming that remind me of small children: they are all attractive in an individual way, they are generous in spirit, forgiving each other in play, they reach out to us as this rose does, hoping for attention and appreciation, at the same time giving willingly of their love and acceptance of us.

They sometimes have little surprises in store for us, even as this rose does. Can you find a surprise here?

Emotography Week 30



Just another rose?
No I am quite different!
You see I discovered something:
I didn’t need to droop
and drop my petals.
I found magic!
My petals stayed together,
retaining their shape and colour.
Yes my perfume died, it is true,
but I did not!
I have been here now for many months,
dry petals evidence of my being.
I look just like any rose,
but I am quite different!

Camera Catch 4

Site has changed since I last put some pics on. Why does it always do that when I don’t visit for awhile? Then I lose track of what to do!
Here I can’t make my pics the size I want them to be, whereas I could easily change their size in the “old” set up! That’s the word “old”, must mean I’m too much of that to catch on when these changes come round. Ah well, nothing I can do about that!