The Unslayed Dragon

There is an angry dragon named FIRE,
who is desecrating our valley,
threatening our homes, causing disruption to our everyday living.

FIRE is undisciplined, recognising no boundaries,
having no concept of mercy,
selfishly intent on fuelling and refuelling its’ own anger
by the consumption of that within its’ path.

FIRE hisses and spits at the efforts of mortals who seek to control it,
as it sneeringly flings its’ burning embers past them,
in its’ determination to dominate.

FIRE breathes out blinding smoke and fills the air with cloying ash,
roaring out its’ defiance with searing heat
as it continues to satisfy its’ voracious appetite
in consuming our valley, our homes and our way of life.

FIRE is a dragon whose slaying we work for, long for, pray for, and wait for.


Emotography Week 31

These tiny fungi delighted me in their delicate purity of colour among the leaves and mulch of my garden. The larger one has fine lines etched around its rim and the one that has fallen over shows the inside structure of their makeup.
Then there is the baby of the family so very small it could easily be overlooked.
There are many  small gifts of nature, which to some people may seem merely insignificant, but they can bring great pleasure to us as we open our eyes to really see them.

Emotography Week 26



When I took this photograph I was only interested in the cluster of berries.
Now when I look at it, it gives me hope: Firstly because the branch, though it has been broken is still able to go on doing what its life intended it to do, produce these lovey red berries. Secondly, the trunk, though showing its age by the moss covering its grey, still supports the branch in its achievement.
When I apply these thoughts to some of the sorrows in people’s lives, and to the age in mine, Hope is what comes to mind.

Each is One

As every bloom is different;
every person is unique;
we seldom look the same
nor the same language speak.

Every seed that’s sown
falls solo to the earth;
every child that’s born
enters solo at its birth.

Flowers may look the very same,
as twins most often do;
but each comes separately,
or all nature is untrue.

Every seed that’s sown
falls solo to the earth;
every child that’s born
enters solo at its birth.

Emptography Week 21


Sometimes the most unexpected things suddenly catch my eye and cause me to wonder at the creations of Nature, both small and large.

This week  for instance, I saw a lovely pattern of shadows of a fence running up a hillside, a beautiful sprinkling of raindrop crystals on the ends of all the branches of a pine tree.

Then there was this piece of mandarin peel, which was in the shape of a leaf and has the interesting interior of a piece of delicate crochet work.


How generous Nature is to bestow such unexpected “discoveries” on us.