A Birthday Thought

You were always the kind of mother
That mothers should always be.
You gave love and protection
To each of my siblings and me.
Your voice was always a quiet one,
Never used in a shout or rage,
But we knew when you gently scolded,
It was time we should act our age.
You sang with a lovely lilt,
-I remember one special song-
That you sang once in the moonlight
As we kids all tagged along.
You gave us our days of innocence,
We had freedom to ramble and roam,
Free from the world’s grimy influence,
Going about, but always coming back home.
Today is your birth anniversary,
And though you’ve been gone a long time.
I’m honoring all that you taught us,
In the words of this memory rhyme.

Did I say that?

I have five grown up kids,
And they will sometimes say to me,
“Mum, you didn’t tell me that”
When I’m as sure as I can be.

That I DID!

Girl 3 will say, “You didn’t say,
Anything about that Mum”
Girl 1 will shake her head because
My voice has been quite dumb.

Who DID I tell?

It must have been Girl 2 then
When I sent that last email,
But she denies hearing about it.
So I have lost the trail.

Who DOES know?

Ah, I get it now, it was Boy 1,
Talking to me the other day.
But , Oh dear, when I asked him he just said,
“Mum you certainly didn’t say”

Who DOESN’T know?

Hooray there’s only Boy 2 left,
I’m sure as sure that it was him.
But when I said, I did tell you didn’t I?
He said, “Mum, your memory’s got a bit dim”

NONE of them know.

But to me it doesn’t really matter,
Because I know I told someone.
It must have been my only sister
Well, now the mystery’s done!

But DOES she know?
E F Woolley©