Light can always master darkness,
Wherever it may lie,
As morn can overcome the night,
With sun-rising in the sky.



Emotography Week 20



This photo is probably technically all wrong,but I was struck with the beauty of the light in the scene.
The sheep are outlined with light, the branches of the deciduous shrub has
light tangled in its bare branches and the small pond has been silvered with light, even the tiny plants reflected in the water have been touched by the power of light to meld them into the water colour more effectively. Whilst on the surface diamonds have caught the light and thrown it back to the skies from whence it came.
I truly appreciated the difference in this scene, which I have walked by many times, that light had brought to it.

Sunny Day

My shadow came with me
as I walked out today,
she stayed close beside me
all along the way.
I noticed shadows everywhere:
by bush and shrub and tree,
they all stood quite still;
but mine walked on with me.

Shadow 2

Shadow 1

{this scene had two rubbish bins, a road sign, and some graffiti, can you identify them from the “patch up” I tried?}