The Unslayed Dragon

There is an angry dragon named FIRE,
who is desecrating our valley,
threatening our homes, causing disruption to our everyday living.

FIRE is undisciplined, recognising no boundaries,
having no concept of mercy,
selfishly intent on fuelling and refuelling its’ own anger
by the consumption of that within its’ path.

FIRE hisses and spits at the efforts of mortals who seek to control it,
as it sneeringly flings its’ burning embers past them,
in its’ determination to dominate.

FIRE breathes out blinding smoke and fills the air with cloying ash,
roaring out its’ defiance with searing heat
as it continues to satisfy its’ voracious appetite
in consuming our valley, our homes and our way of life.

FIRE is a dragon whose slaying we work for, long for, pray for, and wait for.

Misty Morn

I like the crisp cool mornings
that autumn days can bring,
With promise of a balmy day
to make my glad heart sing.

Today there was a morning fog,
though light as fairy mist,
I found the treasure that it brought
where the river had been kissed.

For all the beauty on it’s banks
had fallen and got wet.
The camera clicked, and clicked again,
So that I would not forget.

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