Same Differences

Petunias different colours

We all belong to the human race,
though with a different colour
and a different face;
we all have a place.
So shouldn’t we accept each other
with kindly grace?


Emotography Week 31

These tiny fungi delighted me in their delicate purity of colour among the leaves and mulch of my garden. The larger one has fine lines etched around its rim and the one that has fallen over shows the inside structure of their makeup.
Then there is the baby of the family so very small it could easily be overlooked.
There are many  small gifts of nature, which to some people may seem merely insignificant, but they can bring great pleasure to us as we open our eyes to really see them.

Emotography Week 29



The Promise of Spring

The air starts to warm
and the sky starts to blue.
The garden calls,”Come”
so I start to do.
But as I’m busily working
I pause for awhile;
for the promise of buds
brings hope with a smile;
that they’ll open their petals
to colours all true.
Once the air starts to warm
and the sky starts to blue.

Camera Catch 3

My garden is only a couple of years old but gives me great delight to see its growth.