My gratitude today is because a friend needed help and had enough trust in me to ask for it.

Sometimes we are too independent, or don’t feel we have the right to ask people for help.
So it feels good when someone is willing to ask for help.
Should that also be a lesson to me? It’s easy to want to give but not so easy to receive,.
But we bless others lives if we allow them to give when we need it.

Below is a poem I wrote many years ago to express how blind we sometimes can be to to others needs.

What’s that?
“Look, it’s no use telling me your troubles,
I’ve got enough of my own.
My family were so noisy today.
-What’s that -you live alone?-
I got so tired walking up the hill
And pushing the kid in the cart
With the groceries to carry as well
What’s that -you have a bad heart?
The chops we had for dinner last night
Were a little older than lamb
And now I’ve got indigestion
What’s that – you had bread and jam?
Just now I built the fire up high
And forgot where the clothes horse stood
Scorched a hole in my brand new apron
What’s that – you have no wood?
Well, it’s made me feel lots better
To tell you a few of my woes
It’s easy to see you’re the kind
Who doesn’t have any of those!”