I’ve been talking to you
but it’s a tricky situation:
Since we’ve not been introduced
should we have a conversation?
You are so very beautiful
I think it rather shame
that thus far as I’ve talked with you
it’s been without your name.
I’ve discreetly asked some people
to tell me who you are;
their opinions seem to differ,
and range wide and far!
I think perhaps I need
to just invent a name,
because whatever you are called
you’ll still look just the same.
Miss Jaybee

Emotography Week 30



Just another rose?
No I am quite different!
You see I discovered something:
I didn’t need to droop
and drop my petals.
I found magic!
My petals stayed together,
retaining their shape and colour.
Yes my perfume died, it is true,
but I did not!
I have been here now for many months,
dry petals evidence of my being.
I look just like any rose,
but I am quite different!