Emotography Week 40



We recently had floods spilling water from all the smaller streams in our area,whilst the big river maintained it’s usual level.

I  took a walk to see where the water had inundated the places I often take my daily walk through, and I was fortunate enough to be there at the moment of this rescue of their horse from a flooded paddock, by this woman and her daughter.

The mail box in the photo is at the edge of the usual roadway!

I really liked the photo and the beaming smile I got from the woman rescuer when I aimed the camera in her direction.

She said the horse wasn’t particularly keen to go into the water, but I noted that once in it the animal didn’t falter  in following his rescuer’s lead.

Two memorials

Poppies and memorial-Stitched-04

Poppies of France:
Bright as the blood
that was spilled here
decades ago.
Persistent as the thoughts
of family and home
that made heroes
of unbrave men.
Humble as those
who obeyed orders,
perhaps knowing
they would never be
successfully executed.
Bloom on…
as a testament
of courage
Bloom on…
as a gratitude
for freedom
Bloom on…
in the name
of those who
gave their all.