Autumn for Brian

Brian, you said on Claudette’s blog how you loved autumn so here’s some pics from my file of autumn here in this lovely valley I live in, in Tasmania, which you may like to see. {I am not good with the camera like Claudette is though}





Autumn Thoughts

Autumn is my favourite time:
The heat of summer gone,
Springtime but a memory,
And winter hurrying on.

Golden days of luxury
That money cannot buy;
Warmth of season’s sunshine
Blue of season’s sky.

Time for deep reflection
In my autumn soul
To look for rhyme and reason
That makes me fully whole.

For winter will encase me
Sometime down the years,
But autumn builds my confidence
And takes away my fears.

For memories that will always
Bring this autumn glow,
Will never be removed
By winter’s cold and snow


Wet day reflections

Golden curve

Rain washed cement,
Causing me quiet reflection
On my stay-at-home day.

The weather makes no apology
For the vagaries it may bring,
Through summer, autumn, winter,
And on to capricious spring.

Life itself asks only acceptance
Of the things we cannot change.
If we endure and enjoy,
It will sweeten our hearts’ range.

So I have baked a batch of biscuits
For someone who is in need.
I know no day is wasted
That brings forth a kindly deed.

Rain washed cement
With surprising curve of gold,
On my stay-at-home day.

Speech Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the power of speech; for technology that enables our speech to be translated across the whole surface of the world if we so wish.

I think of the limitations of communication when I was young and living in a fairly isolated country village. But I want to write about that another time because my bed is calling me tonight and I am about to answer it! And that’s another thing I am very grateful for; my bed!

Drab quiet, grey,
Brilliant emerald green,
Splendid plummy purple,
Vibrant orange sheen.
Useful, placid brown,
Shouting, fiery red.
Living colours in my eyes;
Waiting words inside my head.