Colour Change

The wind has come a-chuckling
Through the autumn trees.
The leaves are all a-tremble
For fear of any breeze.

Just a tiny puff of air
Can cause them each to fall,
And in a little while
None will be left at all.

Thus autumns’ gracious colour
Will lie at each trees’ feet,
As branches brown then wait
Winters’ icy grip to greet.


Green, green….coming up

I made a commitment a few months ago when I decided that I would once again participate in the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave. The commitment was not just to raise funds, nor just to shave my hair but that if I reached my personal goal in fundraising one week before the Shave date I would…..well I don’t really like to write it out loud….but I did say I would….and I do like to see things through when I say it….and I don’t like going back on anything I say I’ll do….and I did really mean it when I said it….and time doesn’t change what I meant at the time I spoke about it….and I don’t like letting people down when they’re expecting something from me….and of COURSE I’m going to do it; whatever made you think otherwise?
So High Noon tomorrow will find me in the hairdresser’s chair and I will leave that chair with my hair GREEN!

Am I worried? Absolutely not? Why not? Because I -with a great deal of help and hard work from other dedicated people supporting me- not only reached my personal goal but actually doubled it!
So my green hair is a public thank you to people who care enough to get out of their comfort zone to help others who are not able to help themselves because of illness.
If you look at my blog tomorrow you may even see a pic here of a green haired, happy person.

Emotography Week 30



Just another rose?
No I am quite different!
You see I discovered something:
I didn’t need to droop
and drop my petals.
I found magic!
My petals stayed together,
retaining their shape and colour.
Yes my perfume died, it is true,
but I did not!
I have been here now for many months,
dry petals evidence of my being.
I look just like any rose,
but I am quite different!

Emotography Week 29



The Promise of Spring

The air starts to warm
and the sky starts to blue.
The garden calls,”Come”
so I start to do.
But as I’m busily working
I pause for awhile;
for the promise of buds
brings hope with a smile;
that they’ll open their petals
to colours all true.
Once the air starts to warm
and the sky starts to blue.

Camera Catch 4

Site has changed since I last put some pics on. Why does it always do that when I don’t visit for awhile? Then I lose track of what to do!
Here I can’t make my pics the size I want them to be, whereas I could easily change their size in the “old” set up! That’s the word “old”, must mean I’m too much of that to catch on when these changes come round. Ah well, nothing I can do about that!