This Moment

This moment in time,

will never come again.

Perhaps it’s bringing sunshine

or maybe even rain.

But this moment is yours

Just for you to use

in whatever way you wish;

that’s for you to choose.

And whether its bringing sunshine

or showers of damping rain

this moment that you have

will not return again.


Green hairThe days of white and grey are gone,
for GREENING now has come along.
And hair that once went with my face
now looks rather out of place!
It won’t last long, I know that.
And I shall not cover it with a hat.
For its to show that you helped me
to look as green as green can be,
because together we reached a goal
that might make someone’s life more whole.
So I feel gratitude to you
for making my dream of eight thousand come true.

Gratitude thoughts today

As I sat at the computer this evening wondering about my gratitude note for today I let my mind wander back over the day’s events and there were a lot of things I could express gratitude for. {Many of them will find their way into my prayers, but that is another venue for expressing gratitude}
I am grateful that I had a walk in the rain; it wasn’t the kindly, soft, drizzly sort of rain. It was really a heavy dropping of moisture on my bare head when it began, but I pulled on my hood and my head was dry as I walked. My pants below my rain jacket hem became very wet before I reached home. {When my friend Kerry reads this she will be cross with me for insisting that I walk home!}
Before I reached there the rain stopped and the sun tried to show it’s warm face although it didn’t quite succeed. I soon divested myself of my wet slacks and donned warm, dry ones along with the same of socks so I was no worse than if I had not got wet.
So why was I grateful?
Because I COULD walk, because I ENJOYED the adventure of walking in drenching rain knowing my destination wasn’t far away, and that it waited to give me shelter and warmth.
Because I am FREE and ABLE to make CHOICES for my own actions.
Better not bore you with any more reasons but there are others that I felt grateful for.
When it comes down to it I would rather be a “Pollyanna” than a “Mister Grumpy” about daily happenings.