Gentle morning

It’s a misty moisty morning
And the air is crisp and cool.
Looking out my window
I see children off to school.
Some are wearing raincoats,
Some don’t seem to care,
As the softly drops are nestling
Like jewels on their hair.
Silently I wish them
Well, along their way;
And hope the storms they meet in life
Are as gentle as today.




This rose is named The Children’s Rose and I totally appreciate its shape and colour.

It has an attractive slight perfume and a generosity of blooming that remind me of small children: they are all attractive in an individual way, they are generous in spirit, forgiving each other in play, they reach out to us as this rose does, hoping for attention and appreciation, at the same time giving willingly of their love and acceptance of us.

They sometimes have little surprises in store for us, even as this rose does. Can you find a surprise here?

Each is One

As every bloom is different;
every person is unique;
we seldom look the same
nor the same language speak.

Every seed that’s sown
falls solo to the earth;
every child that’s born
enters solo at its birth.

Flowers may look the very same,
as twins most often do;
but each comes separately,
or all nature is untrue.

Every seed that’s sown
falls solo to the earth;
every child that’s born
enters solo at its birth.




On my usual walk the other day I went round the perimeter of the local school ground.

I was intrigued to find this circle of “buildings” and hoped that the class project would escape destruction and endure to completion as per their request. I did admire their handiwork and its obvious connection with the first residents of our fair isle.

Gratitude for hands

My mice were lonely
So I knitted a snail,
He’ll be needing a mate
Or he’ll start to wail.
So along comes a tortoise,
{I admit it was slow}
But now he’s all ready
To get up and go!
This small menagerie
Must increase some more,
Before they are ready
To go out the door,
For some little child
Who is sick and in pain.
Because a soft cuddly toy
Might bring comfort again.


Friends together