Emotography Week 26



When I took this photograph I was only interested in the cluster of berries.
Now when I look at it, it gives me hope: Firstly because the branch, though it has been broken is still able to go on doing what its life intended it to do, produce these lovey red berries. Secondly, the trunk, though showing its age by the moss covering its grey, still supports the branch in its achievement.
When I apply these thoughts to some of the sorrows in people’s lives, and to the age in mine, Hope is what comes to mind.

Makeup of the day

I was later rising from the nights sleep and not in a hurry to do anything this morning. As I finished my breakfast the phone rang:someone needed my assistance so a quick slick of the brekky dishes with mop and towel and I was away… an hour later I returned, sweep the floor now, make the bed…ah no, I did that before I had my breakfast. What next, wow, I’d better get ready, met my friend, we travel a few miles on a dusty country road, get directed to a blueberry patch. I have never picked these kind of berries before though plenty of other berries from my youth, Dad’s raspberries, strawberries, loganberries and black currants. But the blues fall off so sweetly into my hand, and wonder of wonders they don’t leave stain to be diligently introduced to the nailbrush when I get home. Thanks, yes, bye for now, it was fun! Home again, oh, look at the time, must have a quick shower, dash off down the street to the doctor’s surgery, take my book to read during “waiting time” but I am only half way down the second page when she calls my name so in I follow. Tell my story, receive her sympathy but the verdict is the same: you must give up your wheels for a month! Ahhhh….groan, but I am used to such diagnosis being delivered every now and then so I take it all with a smile and wish her good day on my way out, it’s not her fault, it’s law she is following so as I respect the law I will follow the prescription and have some quality quiet time at home with books and computer and knitting and gardening and all the things that cause my peaceful life to bless me every single day, with or without wheels!
E F Woolley©