Today after doing some chores I played with some paint. For the first time in many months I painted an acrylic painting! It leaves much to be desired but I was glad I made the effort to undertake it. The problem with “not doing” something for awhile is that one loses the ability to do as well again, at least that’s what I thought today. The techniques that I used to be able to put into practise, just weren’t there any more.

I had some paint left over and decided to use it with a bit added, to do an acrylic pour.So in the couple of hours I spent I actually produced two pieces of “art”, relaxed myself ,and enjoyed the outcome, with some beautiful colours coming through the pour.

Perhaps we should not give up on ourselves entirely in what we can or cannot do!

Here are my two projects:

Rowboat painting
Pour project


Family History

I love doing family history,
Though it almost drives me mad:
Was it THIS Samuel or THAT Samuel
Who was Mary Margaret’s dad?
What happened to the records
that were supposed to all be kept?
Did the registering clerk get weary
and just lay down his pen and slept?
And Oh, why did those four families
who all shared the same surname
insist on calling their sons John,
and their daughters Ann, as they came?
Why aren’t the family Bibles
with their names and dates all there,
come a-landing on my desk one night
to let me have a share?
Why do so many queries
run down a dead end street,
till my fingers on the keyboard
are more tired than my feet?
Why then do I continue
along this arduous way?
Because when I’m immersed in family history
the hours just fly away!
And if I only find two people
who fit in without a doubt,
my family history heart stands up
and gives a mighty shout!
So it’s good to forget the clock
and riffle through the pages,
then when the puzzle is complete
to know my family from past ages!
But be warned to not begin this hobby
unless you’re happy to get caught,
in all the whys and who’s
and every should and ought.
There’s no virus that’s quite like it
for taking a quick, tight hold.
But the joys that it can bring you,
are brighter far than gold!


Watch where you go my feet today,
Some of those paths may lead you away!
Watch what you speak my tongue today
Someone may be hurt by what you say.
Watch what you think my mind today,
Errant thoughts can take you astray!
Watch what you touch my hands today,
That which you hold can stain to stay,
Watch what you feel my heart today,
Spread kindness and love wherever you may!Two Heartshaped Balloons

Never Too old

Today I tried a new art form, acrylic pouring. At the first attempt I had mixed the paint too thick and had nowhere near enough of it so that got washed away!

Below is the second try, which I have titled “Waterways”. I was very happy with it and thought I would hasten the drying process by using a hairdryer a good distance away from it. Ooooooooohhhhhh……Nooooooo, was my response, as small spots of colour appeared all over the place! I hastily rendered “paint aid” but the evidence can be seen if one is looking for it. Fortunately this photo was taken before I had the bright idea of using the hairdryer, but I am still happy with how the final painting looks. I used a piece of ply board for this  trial and think my mixing was still too thick but I am looking forward to another try soon!Acrylic pour 1 Waterways



Christmas in a Box

Glittering, shiny baubles,                                                   {Re-blogged from Dec 2016}
a branching green tree,
cards on long ribbons,
{and in the middle? Me!}
Packing Christmas in a box,
storing it all away,
just holding it as a memory
until next Christmas day.

But what about “peace on earth”,
and “goodwill to men,”
are they to be packed away
till Christmas comes agen?

We should keep Christmas every day
in deed and word and thought;
or else all the trimmings that we had
mean absolutely naught.
So amid the want, the fear and fighting
that seems part of this current world,
may peace and hope, goodwill and love,
throughout our “everyday” be swirled.