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Holidays have to come to an end and my very enjoyable one did a couple of days ago. My daughter and I were staying on a nine mile long beach, and we managed to walk the whole length of it -and back again of course- so had plenty of exercise, especially as walking was accompanied by swimming every day too.

On our last walk we left the beach to walk through what we thought was a shortcut to the car park area. How wrong we were! We discovered that soon enough
when we encountered thigh-high grassy reeds -which my daughter thumped with a stick to make sure there were no creepy-slidey things in there. These grasses were not a great problem to wade through but growing over and through them were green shrubs higher than our heads. Thus we could not actually see in which direction we should best aim to go. To add to our discomfort there were masses of dry dead shrubs, which were also higher than our heads. We had to force our way through them, scraping by some, creeping under others, and stepping through the branches that were sharply vindictive. At one stage my daughter turned and announced that my leg was bleeding, as indeed it was, where a branch had attacked me when I got in it’s way. I finally had two of those branch-bites on my leg, and on one hand, and my other arm. Fortunately they did not bleed much, as all either of us had to render first aid was my handkerchief! You can tell that we were not prepared for this bush-bash that we had blundered into! However with my daughter’s unfailing optimism, and good sense of direction, we finally made our way back to the car. If we had trusted to MY sense of direction we may have been still there, being attacked by dry branches as we felt their indignation that we had trespassed into their territory; as indeed we unknowingly had.
This little experience gave me a greater appreciation for the plight of people who are lost in the bush. Not to have any notion of how to get to where one needs to be, or wants to go, must be a fearsomely terrifying feeling.
Of course we weren’t really lost but had certainly, temporarily lost our path, which was a fairly humiliating way to end our last walk. But all was well at the end of it, and that was what counted in our opinion.

Apart from that little adventure, the worst thing that happened was that I dropped my daughter’s camera. I had taken exceedingly too many photos on mine and run the battery flat. You may well ask why I didn’t just recharge it. The truth of the matter is that I had left my charger at home as I didn’t expect to take that many photos, but the sunrises were so amazing each morning that my finger automatically clicked every few moments. Kind daughter loaned me her second camera as a backup so that I could add more photos to the already “too many” that I had taken. I used it a couple of days but disaster struck when I was standing on a rock and somehow side stepped, and to get my balance, threw my arm out and the camera flew through the air and landed in a crevasse of solid rock! You can probably imagine how I felt at that moment! I retrieved the camera but it was so indignant about the treatment I had dealt it that it utterly refused to do anything! I couldn’t blame it-if the roles had been reversed, and it had dropped me onto that rock I would have been indignant indeed, and probably have failed to work afterwards too!
The only consolation I had was that it was the second camera, and not the best one that belonged to my daughter. She generously forgave me on the spot, although she did admit she may have felt a little differently if it had been her good camera. I am sure it would not have been that one, as I would not have had that it in my hands for any reason. But forgiveness having been extended I continue to feel regretful that I accidentally rid her of her second set of lenses and zoom. When she leaves on her next overseas holiday soon, I will loan her my “best” camera for a second one. Its not as good as her second one was, but may come in handy in some situation, and if she drops it on a rock or into the water I will happily forgive her and know she didn’t mean to do it! In fact that might make me feel better about her camera!

Here I am celebrating having conquered the nine miles of seashore.


Holiday Magic

I have spent a few days on holiday at the beach, courtesy of a kind daughter.
How magical it is to walk beside the sea, to hear the unceasing rhythm of the waves, to feel the sand caressing my bare feet, to have the breeze give me a new hairstyle, to hear the different sounds of the birds along the shoreline, to know the buoyancy of the salt water as I swim, to shiver slightly in the predawn duskiness as I wait for the sunrise to paint his wondrous colours on the patient sky.
Maybe you would like to come to the beach with me this morning and share some of the finished art work of Nature.



Wednesday morninng (15)Wednesday morninng (21)Wednesday morninng (16)Wednesday morninng (20)



Today I played watering the garden with my 2 and a half year old grandson.
I had the hose and he had a bucket in which he dipped the small watering can and then liberally watered whatever was within his sight and reach. We both totally enjoyed the process, he from the action, and the feeling I guess, of doing something important and useful, and just plain fun, wet, and cooling on a hot summer’s day. My enjoyment came from watching his. Well, I too got a little wet and cool before we had finished!
All this made me think of a quote:
“The best things in life aren’t THINGS”

Sometimes we fill our lives with the “things” we think are necessary, the things we think may make our lives more glamorous, more interesting, maybe that will make us feel and actually be, more important. Things that will give us greater status in comparison to others, things we have never been able to have before, but can now access.Things we may feel will create happiness within us, things we imagine that will influence others to want to belong to our circle. And so on and so on. And so I repeat that adage again just in case you haven’t got the drift of this short thing about things

watering can

Border plant

Rain on Roses

We have had a hot, dry spell recently and then came a couple of light showers.
It wasn’t enough to get to the roots of the plants in my garden, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful sight of the raindrops on some of my rose blooms.
I hope you enjoy the sight too!

Roses in rain (3)

In Appreciation

Roses in rain (4)


Roses in rain (2)

The Children’s Rose

Roses in rain (1)

Gold Medal


Streams and Dreams

Refer to post from Claudette 15/1/18  at http://www.ceenoa.com on her blog and pic re platypus

Dear Daughter,
Kindly tell your platypus
to keep in the stream;
I’ll be lots happier
if he’s out of my dream!
He was there last night
wearing a beret quite bright!

It was ever so blue
with a band of red,
and worn on his back,
instead of his head.

He swam around slowly
with never a care;
while I thought-dream wise,
“What’s that cap doing there?”
It just looked so queer
like the beanie I’d made,
that I started to fear
it was a platypus parade.

This isn’t a tale
it happened to me;
so if he stays in the stream
and out of my dream
how happy I’ll be!

{Dr, Seuss might have written,
The Cat in The Hat
But if I wrote, The Platy in A Cap
I’d beat him at that!}

Garden Time

The sun was warm,
I went out in it,
To do a garden job
For just a minute.

But time spent in the garden
Has a different measure,
Because each thing touched and seen
Feels like a new-found treasure.

And so I planned and pruned,
Swept up leaves, and dug;
Planted out some cuttings,
And watched a busy lady bug.

The minutes quick-marched into hours
As garden minutes do.
There’s no sense in trying to count them,
When the day is sunny, and the sky is blue.

Then when my back began to ache
I just took a little rest,
But soon got back to work because
Garden hours simply are the best!

{here are some pics from my garden, current and past flowers}

Gold medal 2017Gold Medal

Leila May 1Leila May

Purple and whiteHe loves me, he loves me not

Rhodo Misnamed close upDainty Alice

Just flowers (2)The Children’s Rose



Today after doing some chores I played with some paint. For the first time in many months I painted an acrylic painting! It leaves much to be desired but I was glad I made the effort to undertake it. The problem with “not doing” something for awhile is that one loses the ability to do as well again, at least that’s what I thought today. The techniques that I used to be able to put into practise, just weren’t there any more.

I had some paint left over and decided to use it with a bit added, to do an acrylic pour.So in the couple of hours I spent I actually produced two pieces of “art”, relaxed myself ,and enjoyed the outcome, with some beautiful colours coming through the pour.

Perhaps we should not give up on ourselves entirely in what we can or cannot do!

Here are my two projects:

Rowboat painting
Pour project