And more thanks!

So today Claudette came to visit with her head shaved as close as mine, except in the past week and some days mine has grown half a centimetre or so. Thank You Daughter!

Today to use a much overtaxed phrase, I think she is “awesome” to have done what she has done in support of myself and for the benefit of sick people.

Today I need to send thanks to Marion and hope Claudette passes that on, because you have all tipped me over the line of $9,000!

My hope now is to reach {Maybe???} the 9,6000 mark which amount would fund a six months research project for Leukaemia and associated blood diseases.

Am I being greedy? I don’t think so, as this is not FOR me or even ABOUT me, but for those who need help in treatment and for cures to be effected.

So THANKS! all you generous people.

And YAY!!!!!!!! Number Nine is rather unbelievable but wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!



In the past two days I have received sponsorship from unknown people for theĀ  Leukaemia Foundation Shave that I have just participated in.

It doesn’t take much brain work to know that my dear daughter Claudette is behind this and that this is the “surprise” that I was forbidden to read about on her blog.

I am very grateful to her for whatever scheme she has concocted among her peer group bloggers, and I would like her to pass my gratitude on to Brian and Ian for their generosity. I truly appreciate it! When strangers offer support it’s a big lift of heart to me.

Many people have helped me in this fund raising effort and everyone has my thanks for what they have done. “One can do a little, but many ones can do much”

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


World’s Greatest Shave {Day}

Enid shaved 2017

Here is me without any hair,
I took a look and it was there,
Then the clippers went clip
{I’m glad to say without a slip}
And suddenly my head was bare,
No grey, no green,anywhere!
But it doesn’t take any sort of care.
No plaiting, no pinning out of my eyes,
No bad hair days to bring forth sighs.
And people somewhere may have a chance,
To laugh, to live, and even dance!
So goodbye hair, I know you’ll be there
Maybe ready next year, for me to share.



Green hairThe days of white and grey are gone,
for GREENING now has come along.
And hair that once went with my face
now looks rather out of place!
It won’t last long, I know that.
And I shall not cover it with a hat.
For its to show that you helped me
to look as green as green can be,
because together we reached a goal
that might make someone’s life more whole.
So I feel gratitude to you
for making my dream of eight thousand come true.

Green, green….coming up

I made a commitment a few months ago when I decided that I would once again participate in the Leukaemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave. The commitment was not just to raise funds, nor just to shave my hair but that if I reached my personal goal in fundraising one week before the Shave date I would…..well I don’t really like to write it out loud….but I did say I would….and I do like to see things through when I say it….and I don’t like going back on anything I say I’ll do….and I did really mean it when I said it….and time doesn’t change what I meant at the time I spoke about it….and I don’t like letting people down when they’re expecting something from me….and of COURSE I’m going to do it; whatever made you think otherwise?
So High Noon tomorrow will find me in the hairdresser’s chair and I will leave that chair with my hair GREEN!

Am I worried? Absolutely not? Why not? Because I -with a great deal of help and hard work from other dedicated people supporting me- not only reached my personal goal but actually doubled it!
So my green hair is a public thank you to people who care enough to get out of their comfort zone to help others who are not able to help themselves because of illness.
If you look at my blog tomorrow you may even see a pic here of a green haired, happy person.