Garden Time

The sun was warm,
I went out in it,
To do a garden job
For just a minute.

But time spent in the garden
Has a different measure,
Because each thing touched and seen
Feels like a new-found treasure.

And so I planned and pruned,
Swept up leaves, and dug;
Planted out some cuttings,
And watched a busy lady bug.

The minutes quick-marched into hours
As garden minutes do.
There’s no sense in trying to count them,
When the day is sunny, and the sky is blue.

Then when my back began to ache
I just took a little rest,
But soon got back to work because
Garden hours simply are the best!

{here are some pics from my garden, current and past flowers}

Gold medal 2017Gold Medal

Leila May 1Leila May

Purple and whiteHe loves me, he loves me not

Rhodo Misnamed close upDainty Alice

Just flowers (2)The Children’s Rose


6 thoughts on “Garden Time

    • Bit of a story Sarah. Nan Leila had this Peony Rose growing at her old house and A Nett took a bulb of it and has moved it with her a couple of times. We don’t know its proper name but A Nett has always called it Leila May. She gave me a piece she had potted up for me last year and it bloomed well in the garden, hence the photo. So it will remain Leila May as long as we are around to call it so. I hope you are settled back at work and otherwise. Any more painting done? Did you see on my blog that I actually did a painting last week. Not anything great but nevertheless a painting. Thanks for your comment I love to get them.

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