Today after doing some chores I played with some paint. For the first time in many months I painted an acrylic painting! It leaves much to be desired but I was glad I made the effort to undertake it. The problem with “not doing” something for awhile is that one loses the ability to do as well again, at least that’s what I thought today. The techniques that I used to be able to put into practise, just weren’t there any more.

I had some paint left over and decided to use it with a bit added, to do an acrylic pour.So in the couple of hours I spent I actually produced two pieces of “art”, relaxed myself ,and enjoyed the outcome, with some beautiful colours coming through the pour.

Perhaps we should not give up on ourselves entirely in what we can or cannot do!

Here are my two projects:

Rowboat painting
Pour project

6 thoughts on “Playing

    • That pour has gone really strange. I have craters and map reference signs I am sure. maybe paint was too thin and took on canvas pattern or somesuch thing. Quite interesting.

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