And more thanks!

So today Claudette came to visit with her head shaved as close as mine, except in the past week and some days mine has grown half a centimetre or so. Thank You Daughter!

Today to use a much overtaxed phrase, I think she is “awesome” to have done what she has done in support of myself and for the benefit of sick people.

Today I need to send thanks to Marion and hope Claudette passes that on, because you have all tipped me over the line of $9,000!

My hope now is to reach {Maybe???} the 9,6000 mark which amount would fund a six months research project for Leukaemia and associated blood diseases.

Am I being greedy? I don’t think so, as this is not FOR me or even ABOUT me, but for those who need help in treatment and for cures to be effected.

So THANKS! all you generous people.

And YAY!!!!!!!! Number Nine is rather unbelievable but wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!


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