World’s Greatest Shave {Day}

Enid shaved 2017

Here is me without any hair,
I took a look and it was there,
Then the clippers went clip
{I’m glad to say without a slip}
And suddenly my head was bare,
No grey, no green,anywhere!
But it doesn’t take any sort of care.
No plaiting, no pinning out of my eyes,
No bad hair days to bring forth sighs.
And people somewhere may have a chance,
To laugh, to live, and even dance!
So goodbye hair, I know you’ll be there
Maybe ready next year, for me to share.


6 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Shave {Day}

  1. Sarah May says:

    You are a wonderful woman and an inspiring Grandma. Thank you for your example of loving kindness. I love you to the moon and back, and then again! ❤

    • hello DeeScribes,
      Nice to hear from you.
      It was for the Leukaemia Foundation. This is the third year I have participated and it always makes me happy to do it.
      This year I have had lots of support from the community and have been able to raise a bigger amount so that has been good.Maybe if I didn’t have a good head shape I would be too vain to continue doing this?
      I hope life is treating you well just now.

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