Like a Hug

Waking early in my bed,
dreamy, dozy, snug;
there comes a happy feeling
almost like a hug!

Tending roses in the garden,
Shaking off a tiny bug,
as rose perfume swirls around me
almost like a hug!

Sipping sweet, hot, chocolate,
hands round my favourite mug;
as warmth spreads from my fingers
almost like a hug!

When family come to visit me
my heart strings get a tug;
as loving arms encircle me
exactly like a hug!


2 thoughts on “Like a Hug

  1. brickee says:

    Can relate to the joy of a hug….William who is not a “hugger” gave me the best bug ever today!i told him it was wonderful he looked at me as much as to say “it’s no big deal,nan…it was to me.

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