Emotography Week 28

cat 1



If a cat could speak
What would it say?

“I went hunting
but caught nothing today!”

“P-u-l-ea-se don’t brush
my fur that way!”

“If you aren’t nice to me
I might not stay!”

“Of course I could
survive as a stray!”

“Isn’t it dinnertime NOW

“Didn’t you hear one word
of what I had to say?”

If a cat could speak….

Well, perhaps it’s better this way!


2 thoughts on “Emotography Week 28

  1. Sarah says:

    I love this one, particularly the last part:
    “For fairies live in our minds
    Along with other lovely things;
    And we never know they’re there
    Until we feel the brush of wings”
    I think that’s very true. We just have to look for the good things and they’re there to be found.
    Love you lots, wonderful Grandma of mine! ❤

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