leaves and history


When I pass a small park area near our local shopping centre I m grateful to be able to pause and read this stone.

Today when I drive to our capital city from the Huon Valley I go on a modern, smooth, highway, which has double lanes almost all the way.

Before this highway was constructed the Huon Highway was a single-lane-each-way road.Imagine trucks loaded with apples, heading for the wharves to unload their cargo into waiting ships. They just had to follow each other, sometimes stretching for miles along the road, because they  had no opportunity to pass each other round the frequent and often sharp corners. Cars had to become part of the queue for the same reason.This of course, was the then modern road, and only there because of the perseverance of those men whose names are on this stone.

The pathway they opened took may years to become a highway, and then many more years to become what it is today. Now our population has expanded and the entry into the city is becoming rather a problem, especially in peak hours. So perhaps in time we will see another modern roadway emerge from our present one. But for now I am grateful for what we have and for those who had the courage in its beginning.

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