Emotography Week 20



This photo is probably technically all wrong,but I was struck with the beauty of the light in the scene.
The sheep are outlined with light, the branches of the deciduous shrub has
light tangled in its bare branches and the small pond has been silvered with light, even the tiny plants reflected in the water have been touched by the power of light to meld them into the water colour more effectively. Whilst on the surface diamonds have caught the light and thrown it back to the skies from whence it came.
I truly appreciated the difference in this scene, which I have walked by many times, that light had brought to it.


4 thoughts on “Emotography Week 20

  1. Light makes a huge difference πŸ™‚ (I especially love the light you often get just before a thunderstorm, with the black clouds and the brightness..).
    That picture looks like a good place to walk πŸ™‚

    • Yes, pre thunderstorm light is a great sight sometimes. Where I used to live a few years ago I loved the evening light, especially because there was a stand of gum trees that were silhouetted against the sky with the mountain a dark companion behind them. My easy chair in the window had a grandstand view of the night slowly descending.
      I walk past that scene {but can’t walk in the paddock,} but its always a walk that gives me pleasure in what I can see.
      And isn’t it amazing what we can see if we’re really looking?
      I hope your world is turning well for you.

      • Sounds like your old house was built in an awesome place πŸ™‚ It also sounds like you enjoyed living there.
        Hmm.. my world….is turning, so I hope it’s going to work out in my favour. It generally does in the end, but the ride’s pretty bumpy.

      • Well Jesska, I hope the ride gets a bit smoother soon for you!
        Yesterday I had my second great-grandchild arrive in this world so pretty happy about that
        Now I have one gr granddaughter and one gr grandson.

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