Reply to Pudding Maker

Christmas is coming,
The goose is thin and lean,
Nothing’s underneath the tree
And pudding’s just unseen.
I will go and feed the goose,
Get the gifts all looking good,
But as for making pudding:
Well, I never said I should!
I’ve made them now for sixty years
So I’ve got to have a rest!
I hope my pudding’s mixing bowl
And spoon can stand the test!
They won’t like standing idle
When there’s Christmas in the air,
They’ve never ever done it
And will think it quite unfair.
And the pudding cloth will flutter
To try for my attention,
While the pot I cook them in
Will look to get a mention.
Because this year my Christmas
Will be pudding-making free.
But I do hope that someone
Will bring a slice to me!



12 thoughts on “Reply to Pudding Maker

  1. hahah perfect reply 🙂 I love it! You two must have some fun with duelling poetry. I would love to read more, it shows your wonderful spirit. Lets hope Claudette’s puddings are up to muster this season. To you both a very merry Christmas xx

    • Thanks Kaz! we both like the rhyming word! I feel that she has a better grip on those things than I do though, maybe she thinks deeper than I do but that doesn’t matter if we both have fun with what we do.I hope your Christmas season is joyful and spent with loved ones. {her pudds will be very tasty, I know from past experience!}

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