Sixty Years On

I could visit all the places,
where we shared time together
though I would not find you there.

But when I just look closely
I can easily find you,
still within my heart.


8 thoughts on “Sixty Years On

  1. Best place to find him, you know he will never be absent there. Love and congratulations on 60 years – it still counts even if Dad isn’t here to share it with you.

    • Thanks! I marked it by buying some new roses, titles: Dearest, The Children’s Rose and Tuscan Sun. Didn’t get Love-in as it was not fragrant. Still thinking about it as the title is very 60-yearish and it would look great in the garden or the vase!

      • Just asked Google It is diamond. From the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable or enduring. The fire in the diamond also is said to represent the flame of love. Interesting stuff that Google knows!

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