Get It!

Don’t turn the page yet!
You haven’t even begun
To read the message.
Oh, you’ve seen the words
Absorbed the syllables,
Accepted the punctuation,
Condoned the grammar,
And utterly missed the message!


5 thoughts on “Get It!

  1. thoughtparade says:

    Sometimes…well, a lot of the time…I understand the message on an intellectual level, I see it, I comprehend it, but it’s as if there’s a thin impassable barrier between it and me and the understanding can’t infuse into my heart and soul.

    • Wow didn’t realise that was you Merrin until I got into the comment. Thanks for responding. Guess we all get like that at times trying to understand each other in this complex life. Hope your week is good. Love…Mum
      PS are you ding a blog yourself now?
      Do you do Ronovan writes Haiku challenge? Very interesting

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