Garden thoughts

Pollys 2

I picked this bunch of flowers from my garden today. They are bright and happy-making.
Yet in the summer I looked at them and commented that I thought the plants were finished and were going to die. But then I decided to give them another chance before I removed them. In ensuing weeks I watered and fed them along with the other garden plants. Still I wondered if I was wasting good fertiliser.

However, whether due to my ministrations or their tenacity, they began to look more likely to live.
And suddenly they began to show their buds and open their lovely faces. As you can see in the photo, they are bright and beautiful blooms that I picked today. Any work that I put forth is well repaid, and will continue to repay me as the blooming season goes on throughout the winter days when there is not much else in the garden that will be showing flowers.

I thought about some people and how we may sometimes give up on them and think they are maybe not worth cultivating as an acquaintance or friend. Perhaps we need to give those relationships a little extra care and nourishment and see what rewards come from our trying. We are all different in so many ways but we all need someone to care about us, and we all need someone to care about. That’s because caring for, or being cared about, causes us to bloom in ways we may never have done had that not occurred.
Beauty can evolve from the mind and heart as much as from the plants in my garden. May we look for and nurture it in the people we meet along life’s pathway.


8 thoughts on “Garden thoughts

  1. Are they polyanthus? I thought they do die back after flowering and then pop back up again, because that’s what mine did before never showing up again. Gorgeous bright colours.

    • Yes they are pollies. And they do die down but not disappear altogether, this lot of mine are into their third season and I am grateful for them as there isn’t much else out in the garden this time of year here.
      Thanks for your comments, I seem to have a fair few followers but not many people leave a comment so I am grateful for those that do.

      • My pollies vanished the first year and I got a surprise when they came back. Only lasted two seasons but one hung on for longer. Most times I’m glad the comment/followers ratio is lower than one would expect! 🙂

      • I just read your post about the like button, hadn’t thought of a few angles you presented. But I see when I clicked on like that it did leave my “calling card” for you to see. So that’s good and means people don’t need to make a comment for you to know they passed by. yes all this stuff can get time consuming so having said that I must go!

      • Sometimes the like button doesn’t show up on posts, depending on the theme used, until you click on the title and go to the posts own screen. I try and keep mine a one-stop thing. Thanks very much for your comment and your visit is much appreciated.

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