Sleep Cure

The sleep fairy was AWOL
when I called her last night.
I’d snuggled down with head on pillow
as I put out the light.
But although quite usually
at my insistent call she’d come,
I distinctly heard her say,
“I’ve given notice, I’m off home to Mum”.
“Hey,” I said, “that’s not fair
You’ve got to work your notice out”!
She took not the slightest notice
Even though {I think} I began to shout.
I didn’t know just what to do
to coax her back again.
A change of status? A raise in pay?
Or a promise to not complain?
So I went for status and the extra pay
as a fair compromise.
But when I suggested, “Sleep Angel?” and “five percent?”
Scorn shot from her piercing eyes.
“I can’t be bought no matter what”!
Was all that she would utter.
And as she lightly flit away
I did so want to mutter.
But I was helpless, for she held
my night in deepest thrall.
So I had to be “sweet and nice”
if I wanted any sleep at all.
So if you see my light on
at midnight or thereafter,
And happen to hear a merry sound
Like, well, like fairy laughter.
You’ll know that I am mixing “bribes”
Like honey in hot milk, and camomile tea,
Simply because I want some sleep!
Oh No, they’re for her, not me!

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