End of Autumn

{Autumn in Australia ends-as far as the calendar is concerned- on the last day of May}

Her skirts spread all around her
In colours bold and bright,
Dame Autumn trembled slightly
As she thought of coming night.
Her reign had been so beautiful
In many special ways,
As her subjects paid her homage
Through mellow, golden days.
She knew she must move onward
For the shadows now were long.
And from somewhere in the distance
Rose the haunting cold of song.
Her hands clasped tight together,
For she knew that she had heard
The summons to depart,
Without a spoken word.
This day had found her watching
For things she’d often seen;
That had foretold for certain
The coming of a queen.
She felt an actual chilling
Form her head down to her feet,
And knew that naught was left
But a curtsy and retreat.
So she gathered up her skirts
And glided soft away;
As the calendar turned over
From the last of lovely May.
Queen Winter entered swiftly
In her frost-encrusted gown;
And fixed upon her snow-white hair
The diamond-icicles in her crown.


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