Ode to a man in a brown suit #2

{Many years ago I wrote this piece because I felt compelled to do so}

To a “man in a brown suit, with collar and tie, wearing brown leather shoes”:
The pathos of it has caught at my heart: that they should ask for two days on the radio for someone to identify you! And no one comes to do so!
But what hurts me as a human being is the you could not be missed.
Two weeks they say you’ve been in the water and no one has been looking for you!
How could that be; man in a brown suit? Surely someone noticed your absence!
Was your life so unpeopled? Or was it so crowded that one less didn’t matter?
Perhaps tomorrow someone will remember and say, “That’s XYZ. I wondered where he was,” and you’ll have an identity again.
But what of our identity, “The Brotherhood of the Family of Man”?
And we didn’t notice enough to miss you, man wearing brown leather shoes.


5 thoughts on “Ode to a man in a brown suit #2

  1. Often we hear of people who have lain dead in their apartment for weeks, sometimes months or years and no-one misses them at all. Dreadful to think of the loneliness of their lives. It’s hard to believe it was a personal choice to be so friendless.

    • Yes, but I wonder if something happened in the lives of those people that caused them to withdraw. Or did they become old and have family/friends die or lose touch, thus no one to be watchful for them? I guess there might be a different story next to every name

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