Gargle gratitude

I’ve met this silly bloke
Named Al-Er-Gee,
He comes to visit now and then
Just to annoy me!
He blocks up my sinus
And makes my head to ache,
He runs a rasp down my throat
Then gives his head a shake.
Because he thinks that’s not enough,
So he then adds in a cough,
Along with the cold shivers,
Before he just takes off.
To go to find someone else
To torment with his ware,
Which I can say is something
No one wants to share.
So I feel I ought to warn you
If you see his approachment,
Quickly side-step out of the way
Before his germs’ encroachment.

So here I am a’gargling
And sucking soothing things,
When all I want to do right now
Is clip his nasty wings!


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