The Memory Box

My children honoured my birthday by giving me a Memory Box.
The outside is covered with photographs of yesteryear in the old black and white format. They have been decorated with columns of roses intersecting the arrangement of the photos across the top of the box. It looks lovely!

But inside is quite as interesting: it is filled with scrolls, which hold memories that my family and friends have contributed to the box. Each scroll is tied with a ribbon or other adornment to keep it wrapped. These just slide off so that the scrolls can be read and replaced easily.
I spent a delighted hour or so undoing and reading the heart-warming thoughts and memories that had been written on them.
Some brought laughter, some a few tears, both of which show the emotions that those kind words written to me caused with the memories they brought back to me.
If my family had offered me a new car or the Memory Box I would have chosen the latter, money cannot buy such a gift!
My gratitude today goes to those who freely gave me part of their memories in which I played a role, and to those daughters who organised the Memory Box..

Top of box


Inside box


8 thoughts on “The Memory Box

  1. That is so sweet. Now, in case you thought I’d neglected to send you greetings – it is sitting in your moderation queue back on the day – in ‘recipes’. I’m glad you had a wonderful day with your loved ones. šŸ™‚

      • Hello Enid! I’ll try to remember. I think I have only ever met one Enid in my life, and of course I read Enid Blyton – what kid didn’t! For a frightful moment there, though, I thought I had called you Claudette or something. šŸ˜€

      • I wouldn’t worry about that, Claudette is a very thoughtful and caring daughter to me!
        I am very often reminded about Enid Blyton when someone is introduced to me.
        She was a fixture in my children’s lives for a long time so I read the books along with them.

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