Family Gratitude

{This poem was written a few years ago, and today  my siblings and I gathered again to share a meal and memories, with love. Some of our number have left us since our last gathering so the memories are tender.}

Family Gathering

We are not any of us, very young now,
But we meet to cement our sameness
In the parentage we share,
Although we are each so different.
Perhaps we will never know each other fully,
Heart to heart and soul to soul.
But what matters is that we love,
Still with the love of our old hometime.
There are kisses and handshakes in greetings,
And a kindly prepared meal to share.
Always we have discussions and laughter,
With photos to pore over sometimes.
It is a feeling back to beginnings,
And a wondering forward to tomorrows.
It is hugs and handshakes at parting.
And a quiet sadness stealing over me;
For who can tell if we will meet like this again
And share a moment for those who’ve left our circle.
Indeed next time we may be the one remembered,
Because we are not, any of us, very young any more.


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