Speech Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the power of speech; for technology that enables our speech to be translated across the whole surface of the world if we so wish.

I think of the limitations of communication when I was young and living in a fairly isolated country village. But I want to write about that another time because my bed is calling me tonight and I am about to answer it! And that’s another thing I am very grateful for; my bed!

Drab quiet, grey,
Brilliant emerald green,
Splendid plummy purple,
Vibrant orange sheen.
Useful, placid brown,
Shouting, fiery red.
Living colours in my eyes;
Waiting words inside my head.


4 thoughts on “Speech Gratitude

  1. Ahh, I see where Claudette gets her talent from. You both have a wonderful way of producing huge images from so few words. I haven’t the time now, but I shall come back and explore. 🙂

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