My thoughts about gratitude today centre on friends. I really do value them, and today I had unexpected contact with three of them.

The first rang to ask a question and I was able to answer it to help her.

The second brought me some plants from her own garden for mine,and visited awhile.

The third and I met as we walked opposite ways down the street and we had a few minutes of delightful conversation.

There doesn’t seem to be much of “greatness”in these brief contacts but they all warmed my heart in different ways and brought a brightness to my day.

There’s a quote in one of my friendship books :”Friendships are glued together with little kindnesses”. I felt the glue bonding stronger with the small happenings between my friends and I today so I am celebrating friendship for the blessings it brings into my life..


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Friends are indeed a blessing. And I find it’s nice not to be choosy about who I have as a friend, because we’re all different and the more variety in our friends, the more interesting life is.

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