Gratitude for hands

My mice were lonely
So I knitted a snail,
He’ll be needing a mate
Or he’ll start to wail.
So along comes a tortoise,
{I admit it was slow}
But now he’s all ready
To get up and go!
This small menagerie
Must increase some more,
Before they are ready
To go out the door,
For some little child
Who is sick and in pain.
Because a soft cuddly toy
Might bring comfort again.


Friends together

12 thoughts on “Gratitude for hands

    • No, just a few SMALL animals! have done some elephants in the past but only LITTLE ones!
      My daughter does MRI scans on people, and often has young children who have to endure the experience of being in the “tunnel” on their own while being scanned. Two of my friends and I knit these little “comforters” and they are allowed to choose one to take home. Often they are a good distraction while a cannula is being inserted.

      • Good question! I am 5 weeks into the elimination diet, and haven’t really discovered anything yet.. I still had all the same symptoms even while eating the foods on the list. However, my newly found osteopath suggested it probably isn’t food allergy related at all. She says dysbiose (however that’s spelled) is far more likely. According to her, the bacteria in the digestive system can get all unbalanced and the bad ones take over. She’s prescribed me probiotics and magnesium, and algae extract. Apparently that should get everything back how it’s supposed to be. I’m still working on the diet, albeit not quite as strictly, as well as taking the ‘meds’. I think over all, I have more energy and less stomachache, even if I still feel quite bloated..

      • I hope it works out for good in your health. At your age you need to feel on top of the world in energy etc.
        It must feel like its dragging you down all the time. Here’s to a whole better outcome with the present regime!

      • Must be totally frustrating for you! Wish I could send you some new batteries but I don’t think what I have would help you!
        Will be interested to hear from you as to how things are going with you when, and if, you feel like it.

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